Mid Year

As A mid year over view. We have had a steady in and out of quilts. While a little slow we also understand that we are still new. But we would really like to continue growing our business. So we just like to check in and see how everyone was doing. Let you know that you currently have a little less than six months till Christmas so starting getting your quilts in for quilting, we have the time to do several memory quilts before then. So be thinking, don't wait till the last minute.

Victoria is doing well and just keeping up the internet side of the business, as well as putting together donation quilts in her spare time. The little guy takes up lots of time, as does the continually changing schedule of the army. She is just enjoying life and keeping at it with her family.

Cynthia is running the whole studio on her own now and is having a fantastic time with it all. She is currently busy with a few different quilts customer and personal so never a dull moment in the studio. Don't forget though that she goes back to school in mid August so the amount of quilts that can be done will be limited. Get your quilt tops and projects in for completion.



Summer Time!

SO....Summer time is here for sure. And its all been busy here. We have done several quilts in the last few months since we last posted and now we have caught a slight breather we wanted to let you know that we are for sure still here. and working as ever. Victoria moved to Kansas at the beginning of May and is now solely working on the internet aspects of the business. Cynthia is going strong with making quilts for people. And has more open slots for people since school is out. She finished out the school year strong, but glad to be able to just work in the sewing room. 

One of our quilts that stands out, we took some of the extra's from the left over T-shirts and made a pillow to accompany the T-Shirt Quilt. And They will be loved very much. The customer's eye's just lite up when she picked the quilt up. 

We currently have 3 projects in studio, and a few more on the way. We sure do love making these quilts for every one. 

Spring Break!

HI everyone,

Our Spring break has started here in the studio. If you've already done yours or its next week we hope that its a good one for you.

We started it off by going to the Dallas Quilt Show. We had a lot of fun going this year and with zero expectations, that made it all the more. We loved all of it. We walked through the actual quilts first. The art that some people can do with a little bit of thread and fabric is simply amazing.  Our favorite was the Egyptian Quilt. The amount of work and time that the quilter had to put into it was extensive. But it was truly beautiful. Looked like something that could go in a museum.  There  were several others that were very well done but that is the one that stuck out to us. 

After looking at all of the quilts, we went through the vendors. We found several from around the state that had lovely fabric and both, Victoria and I, got fabric for a new project quilt that we plan to work on during this week.  Victoria's is a doing a Celtic pieced designed quilt. Cynthia got two different ones, a cross with appliqued flowers and a log cabin sea life quilt. We are very much looking forward to working on these quilts. 

So for anyone else who went to the Dallas Quilt Show we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

We have also finished all of our current customer quilts and will be just working on personal projects this week. If you need any long-arm quilting done or would like to get a T-Shirt Quilt done for graduation please give us a call, we would be more than happy to get it done for you. By the way you only have about 70 days until graduation is upon you. 

Tied vs Quilted.


So Cynthia and I ( Victoria) have noticed something in the past few weeks. While we have been putting our name out there, answering posts of FB of people looking for someone to make them a T-shirt quilt. 

The Thing that we have noticed is that some of the other people who answer and have posted pictures of their work. Have just "Tied" the quilts. Now you may be wondering what is "Tied" and what makes it so different. 

"Tied" is something that can be done to quilts to put all three layers of a quilt together. This is typically done with a yarn of some sort. While it looks really cute and yes it does complete the quilt it is not very efficient and in the life span of your quilt it isn't going to add years to it. 

The way that it doesn't add years to it and shortens the life span,  That  when you wash it the ties do not hold everything in place.  The ties can't hold it all in place because there is generally to much space between the ties.  With so much space between the ties the batting and the outside move against each other causing the batting to "ball up". This "balling up" make spots that are lumpy in the quilt. Also when this friction occurs during washing the seams that hold the front pieces together pull on the fabric. The pulling on fabric makes it weaker and makes the fabric fall apart faster. 

Now knowing what "Tied" is and how it works I want to explain what "Quilted" is for our readers. There is a very big difference between the two that can easily be seen, especially if samples of each were laid next to each other.

"Quilted" means that you stitch all three layers together. These stitch lines can be anywhere from 1/4 inch apart and up. General rule of thumb most quilters abide by is 2 inches apart.  This 2 inches apart isn't very far, its less than the length of your thumb. It is close enough that it doesn't allow much friction at all to occur during the washing cycle. Which is how it adds years to your quilt. It also keeps the batting from really moving around inside the quilt keeping away the lumps. Also this stitching reinforces the seams of the fabrics that form the top. By that a lot of the time the stitching goes across the seams. when it doesn't go across the seam it can be close enough that there isn't much pull that can happen to the seams. Again adding longevity to the quilt.

While there is no wrong way to make and finish a quilt. There are ways that will help your quilt last longer and help it see many more years. This is just one way that can make a difference. 

Christmas around the Corner

Hi everyone. We are excited that Christmas is right around the corner. We have a lot of family activities going on, With family members coming in to celebrate the holidays and a little one that makes everything Christmas fun except maybe decorations since he loves playing with them instead of leaving the decor alone. Thank you inventor of the shatter proof ornaments, or at least they are shatter proof till an adult steps on them.

Here at the studio we finished our last Christmas gift quilt this week. It turned out great in our opinion. its very classic looking; as it was made from antique quilts and remake of retro fabric. it looks super! we hope that the couple receiving it for Christmas will cherish it for a long time. As for some of our readers I know you probably had a mini-spasm to us using an antique quilts. But it was either use them and give them a new life or it was going in the trash. They had been very well loved since they were originally stitched into being. 

Once the new year gets here we will be returning to work in the studio getting ready for the next big thing for when quilts would be given.......Graduations. We look forward to that. Remember that there are lots of different quilts that can be done and make wonderful gifts for those graduating. Quilts also make great gifts for people on their Birthday or special occasions. All quilts we make are complete custom for those that are ordering them. We do our best to make what you have imagined into a reality. We do this by keeping the customer involved at every step of the quilt.

Anyways Got to get back to Christmas preparations. Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and A Happy New year!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone is loving all the food and time with family and friends. We here at C & D Creations are having  great time. Last night we did a hot dog roast and s'mores by fire. It was a fabulous time. 

We are planning some fun for today but at the moment our breakfast is cooking. So fun is for later. 

On the topic of business and work we got everything we needed to finish before thanksgiving done last week so we were able to relax this week. When we get back we have lots to get done but just a few items left to finish for Christmas. It will be good to get it done. We do have a few openings for finishing quilts by Edge to Edge.

For now that is all we have. 

Enjoy Turkey Day! 

A new month.

Yesterday started the new month of October. October is such a fun month. Halloween, Fall Festivals, Candy, (though we here at C & D Creations aren't a fan) Scary movies and tricks. But most of all cooler weather even for those in the south. Granted our cooler weather doesn't mean wearing sweaters and other cozy clothes or have fireplaces going it just mean we aren't cooking in the 90+ degree weather any more. 

Which makes us start thinking about blankets and quilts and other items that will keep us warm as winter comes. So we are working on plenty of donations right now while we wait on the Christmas rush. Which will surely come. 

So if you are needing a quilt to be finished and your go to quilter is booked full give us a try.  We have plenty of room to get your quilt done and if you get it to us before thanksgiving we promise to have it done in time for you to give it as a present for Christmas.