T-shirt/ Patch Keeper Pricing.

T-Shirt quilts cost 18 $ per T-shirt.  This is for all types of T-shirt quilt styles.

Patch Keeper quilts Cost 12 $ per patch used on the quilt. Baseball cap fronts are used like a patch.

Specialties to add:

Special Fabrics: Minky, Flannel, Satin; $15 per yard. Denim can also be added for $18 per yard

Embroidered words: 8 Cents a letter

Flags or Jerseys: 50 $ per Flag, 30 $ per Jersey

Baby Clothes: 6 $ per Onsie

Pictures can be added for 3 $ per every 4 x 6 print.

* We reserve the right to deny any items that we feel could damage our equipment.

Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts start at 50 $ plus the size of the quilt times .035.  

Fabric needed to complete the quilt is not included in the above charges. 

12 $ per yard if we supply the fabric to complete the quilt. Specialty fabrics will increase this cost.

Additional items that can be included in a quilt are T-shirts, Pictures, Embroidery, Patches, Specialty Fabrics. Additional costs may be applied. 

* We reserve the right to deny any items that might cause damage to our machines.

Other Items

One Pocket Purse starts at 35 dollars. 

Two Pocket purse Starts at 45 Dollars.

Embellishments increases cost of purses.

Stuffed animals are 35 dollars

Pillows Cases are 20 dollars

Pillows start at 30 Dollars ( price changes depending on size)

All other projects will be determined when we know what the project is. We will explain all charges at that time.

We have two options for long arm quilting.

Edge to Edge

Edge to Edge quilting will cost a .015 cents per square inch.  

This is for basic patterns, some patterns may cost more because of the amount of thread they use. 

Custom Quilting

Long-Arm Quilting


Custom quilting will cost .045 cents per square inch.

Thread tie offs is an extra cost of 45 dollars.   

Patterns may not be changed after intial choice.

Basic thread and needle charge is 6 dollars.

We currently have in stock a wide variety of Iris polyester neutral colors. We will special order Superior thread at a base cost of 20 dollars.

We accept PayPal and All major Credit Cards. A 30% Deposit is required for us to start any projects.