Classic Quilts


Classic Designs for Quilts

If your wanting a memory quilt made with items such as Ties, Blue Jeans, Button-Up shirts, Pictures or any things else you have. A Classic quilt is for you. 

A classic quilt is designed to look more traditional. Such as the quilt pictured above. We used Button-up shirts; cutting the squares large enough to recognize the print of the shirt.

Many different design options are available. 

Custom quilted Dresden Plate Quilt.

Custom quilted Dresden Plate Quilt.

Long-arm Quilting options

We also finish quilt tops by Edge to Edge or Custom Long-Arm quilting work.

Edge to Edge Long-arm quilting.

Edge to Edge take us 3-6 weeks to get accomplished. The time needed to finish the quilt is determined on the size of the quilt top and the pattern that is chosen.

Custom long-arm quilting will take 5-10 weeks to be completed.  

Please contact us to discuss your long-arming needs.