T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts are memory filled quilts that we want to make extra special for you. We do this by including you in every step of the process.

Framed T-shirt Quilt

Framed T-shirt Quilt

Picture Frame T-shirt Quilt

The Picture frame T-Shirt Quilt, is where all the t-shirts designs are cut out and then framed to a consistent size square.

The t-shirt designs can all be cut out to the same size or different sizes.

Framing fabric may be done in multiple colors or just one. 

Simple Collage

Simple Collage

Collage T-Shirt Quilt

If you don't want separated T-Shirts, then doing a collage style will be the perfect option.

This type of T-Shirt Quilt is just the T-shirts. 

We do suggest a border around the T-shirts.  

Senior Flags and Jersey's Quilt

Senior Flags and Jersey's Quilt

Mixture or Double Sided T-shirt quilt

Do you have more t-shirts than you can pick from? Or do you want both styles of t-shirt quilt? 

We can mix the two styles that are mentioned above the framed and collage quilts put together. 

Have a large quantity of T-Shirts?  Make it Double sided. 


Items that can be included in a T-shirt quilt are: Jerseys, Flags, Pictures, Patches, Emblems from regular Shirts.


A guesstimate of how many T-shirts you need by Standard Quilt Size and the T-Shirts being cut into 12" squares. Framed T-shirt style quilts. Collage Style T-shirt quilts require more T-shirts.

For a 48" by 60" (4 feet by 5 feet) you will want around 9 T-shirts. Regular Throw Quilt

For a 60" by 72" (5 feet by 6 feet) you will want around  12 T-shirts. Large Throw Quilt

For a 72" by 84" (6 feet by 7 feet) you will want 15-18 T-shirts. Small Queen size Quilt

For a 84" by 96" (7 feet by 8 feet) you will want 24-30 T-shirts. Large Queen size Quilt

For a 96" by 102" (8 feet by 8.5 feet) you will want 30-36 T-shirts. Small King size Quilt 

For a 102" by 102" (8.5 feet by 8.5 feet) you will want 33-40 T-shirts. Large King size Quilt